NUMERACY - Numicon

WALT make ten using Numicon equipment

Success Criteria:
* make a range of patterns to 10 using 2, 3 or 4 pieces of Numicon equipment.

Here are my patterns for 10.

I can identify which shapes are missing when the teacher takes some away.

I can write equations for my numicon patterns.

My next step:
To use my knowledge of tens to instantly add and subtract numbers to 10.  

Discovery 2014

At Discovery time I have been learning to relate to others .

Success criteria:
Share with others.
Take turns.
Use my manners.
Listen when others are speaking.
Let others join in.
Play fair.

Easy Blog Photo
I am making a house of teddies with Paige.

Reading 2014

In Reading I am learning to: 
Read the text and summarise information.

Success criteria:
Recall the main points of the text;
Answer questions about the text;
Share this information in a variety of ways such as timeline, story plan or story map.

My next step:

Ask questions to find out more about the text.