Athletics 2017 Reflection

 I used a growth mindset in high jump when I only made one jump on 1.5 metres and I was annoyed about that because my goal was to get to zone’s but I did not achieve that in high jump and that was annoying because I thought I would be better this year.

I did not manage to achieve my athletics goal of going to the zones with lots and lots of kids competing against each other to see who wins it. In sprints I came third and would have gone to the finals if it had been three people in the short sprints. I had Joey trailing behind me and I was trailing behind Jack W. I was a step in front of Joey and a step behind Jack but I am still annoyed about that I was third and still did not make it to the final.

In high jump I tried to make as many as I could so I maybe just maybe I could make it to the zones but my luck failed and now there is no way for me to make it  to the zones but that did not happen.

I know what i thought I did well because I did my best and that is all that matters it was when I came third in the running because i did not give up when my leg hurt and I just kept on going even when things were hard for me and that is what I did well.

The thing that was challenging for me was the high jump where I only got one jump over I did not do as well as last year where I got about five over the bar. This year I was very bad at it same with the sprints last year I was very good at it and got into the finals this year I got third and not into the final.

I am most proud of my long jump because I think I got about 1.30 meters and that for me is very good. Usually I would get about 1 metre and that is bad. For my age I thought I would be going to zones, but I will not be going to the zones this year.

writing term 3/4 class

Term 4 Learning Goal

My Learning Goal
I want to get the most points in SML that you can get.
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
Work away from people that will talk to me and if I get distracted make up the time at home.
Sit an area by myself.
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
By at the end of the term look over all the SML sheets and see if all of them are done.
I can see if my points are higher each week.
My Learner Qualities Goal
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
By talking lots of different languages, using email, paper notes, using body language and hand gestures.  
Speaking in Chinese - using what I learn in Mandarin lessons.
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
When I have mastered and remembered all the words that I have said                                                                
off by heart. (Mandarin)

learner qualaties tearm

Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicate

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.15.37 PM.png

Share at least 3 example of how you have shown empathy recently. Add a photo if you can.
1.     I have shown empathy by listening to Liam’s writing about The Present.
2.     I have shown empathy by helping in the chromebook team and doing what I am  asked to do.
3.    I have shown empathy by helping my friend when he was getting yelled at by a boy in my hub

Share at least 3 examples of how you have communicated in different ways this term. Add photos if you can.
  1. I have communicatid by talking in english
  2. I have communicatid by talking in chinese
  3. I have communicatid by writing

self awere blog

Oakland’s School Learner Qualities
Be Self Aware (Excellence Value): SML tasks

Be self aware
I know my learning goals.
I know how I learn best.
Think about and reflect on:
  • How have I been managing my time with completing my SML Tasks?  By sitting on my own
  • How well have I been completing them? Once every fortnight I was sick for 5 days so it did not count ( I got nine points )
  • Have I been completing my MUST Dos each week? Most of the time I do get them done maybe every two weeks i won't get them done
  • Have I been organised enough to complete bonus tasks? No I have not been that organised

What is my learning goal?
IALT manage my time well so I complete all my “MUST Do” SML Tasks each week.
What has been going well? Kiwi kids new’s has been going well for me because i do it at ssw time

What have I been learning to do to get the tasks done? To not sit next to people I will talk to

Which tasks have I completed well? mathletics  Why? Because I get 1500 points every week

Which tasks have been challenging? Spelling   Why? Because i try to fit some time in but I don’t get there

What are some other bonus tasks I would like to do? Code cracker
My next step is……
My next is to not sit next to people who I talk to and get distracted by.

Art Attack

WALT create artist inspired artwork.

Artist: Raewyn Harris 

So what? On the first day of doing our art we were using complementary colours and seeing what looked great together. It was a long process for me because I was sick most of the time which was annoying because i did not finish it for a while. I finished it on the 6th of September 2017.  

Now what? Next time I would use more chalk so that the black lines stood out more.